Filming the Selfmade journey has taken us around the world. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible athletes and lots of different people. However this trip was a special one like no other! Nitro Circus is a high flying, edge-of-your-seat motorcross, bike and contraption trick show led by ring leader and multiple XGames Gold Medalist Travis Pastrana.

After meeting some of the Nitro Circus Team at Crankworx in Whistler, Canada last year, we jumped at the opportunity to hook up again on their European Tour in Geneva, Switzerland last weekend.

Nitro Circus star Ethan Roberts during the Whip off competition at Crankworx 2014


We arrived on Friday afternoon the day before the event, both to film and check out what Geneva had to offer, but unfortunately, British Airways lost our checked bags on the way from Belfast – so, with no camera gear or support equipment, we wondered the streets of Geneva and stumbled upon a music and food festival in the heart of the city. It was an unusual feeling arriving somewhere and not having the chance to filming straight away. We wanted to capture the the beauty and atmosphere of the city on film, instead we got a chance to experience the culture by being present in the moment, as opposed to through the lens of a camera.


Nitro Circus4

After a long and exciting day of travelling and exploring the city we hit the hay hoping our baggage, with most of our camera gear, would arrive the next morning – and so it did to the team’s relief! We were back in action!

Saturday, Nitro Circus show day in Stad de Geneva (that’s the Geneva Stadium for us English speaking folks). Since our hotel was over looking the stadium, we got a chance to watch the entire setup of the event – it was amazing to see how quickly the Nitro Live team set up for the show – an empty stadium early in the morning to a fully kitted out production with jumps, ramps and landings within a few hours.


Endless Backflips (and FIRE 🔥🔥🔥!) at Nitro Circus Live in Geneva #nitrocircuslive #iPhone6 #slomo #motox

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  We shot some timelapes of the stadium being set up, planned our interviews and captured drone shots of the stadium as the guys prepared for the show.    

Now that’s how you put on a show! @nitrocircuslive @travispastrana #selfmadetvshow #nitrocircuslive #speedmotionfilms #nitrocircus A photo posted by Speed Motion Films (@speedmotionfilms) on

  After meeting with our friend James from the Nitro Media team, we got the gear set up and got ready to enjoy the madness of Nitro Circus Live. We filmed some great interviews with a few of the guys including the man himself Travis Pastrana, Gavin and Ethan Roberts (Godfrey Clan) and Dusty Wygle – we talked about what it takes to perform night after night in such a busy schedule and how they deal with the pressures of the physical and mental aspects of doing these massive tricks in front of such a large audience. (28,000+ in Geneva)   The show was something else, you watch these athletes on the internet and tv doing these massive tricks, but its only when you get to see them up close do you really appreciate how skillfull (and absolutely mad) they are. Some of the guys took some huge crashes and got up and dusted themselves off and went back to to the trick again and landed it for the crowd. We would like to thank James and Travis for having us at the show and helping tell part of the Selfmade journey with Ricky.     The Selfmade adventure continues today as we set off to Iceland to film some Fat Bikes barreling through an ice cave and down a glacier, where the only methods of transportation are helicopters and bikes – we might even see Ricky backflip in the snow on a Fat Bike…