Selfmade at Parkour Ride London

To be honest, when we first came across the ‘Parkour Ride’ we weren’t entirely sure it was something we wanted to add to our Selfmade calendar, but we are so glad we did! Such an amazing event! Parkour Ride was held in a multi-story car park where riders from all disciplines go head-to-head in elimination races with two riders racing up and down the multi-storey car park.

The event space will vary across every level, featuring different spectator attractions, music, food stalls and bars around the circuit. Technology, sound and video will be harnessed to create a unique audio/visual experience for fans and riders.

Parkour Ride was open to male and female riders on all kinds of bikes, BMX, Mountain, Road and fixed gear/single speed bikes.

Ricky Crompton following UCI BMX Supercross world champion Liam Phillips

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